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Analysts are at it again February 3, 2010

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Mr. Choong is right to be careful with his words (“mostly”, “may not”, “more guaranteed” [OMG! WTF does that mean?]; he must have watched too many Singtel commercials: there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that ADSL would be faster than Cable.

In my experience Starhub has a lousy track at international connections, but the Singapore loop has always delivered the maximum bandwidth: my connections to US were at 96kbps but locally I was still at 25Mbps. I switched to Singtel because I want to use Internet, not Singaporenet.

Since the international connection is not coming into the picture when we are talking about the WorldCup…

On top of that, if network conditions are not ideal, the system could be degraded to multicast instead and that would save some packets collisions.

And let us not forget: there is also hope that not everyone is a football sucker in Singapore.

Aloysius Choong of IDC Asia/Pacific said lagging may also come from shared cables at apartment blocks, a feature of HDB flats in Singapore.

Said the research manager: “Cable modems are mostly shared in Singapore, and if an entire block watches a match at the same time, the shared bandwidth may not be able to sustain the traffic.”

Compared to shared cable modems, ADSL broadband that is popular among surfers offers a more reliable option, he said.

“ADSL is more guaranteed, but it has to have the minimum amount of Mbps to support the streaming of World Cup matches. If, for example, Perform Group say you need 8Mbps to have satisfactory streaming, then your broadband subscription must be of that rate.”

via TODAYonline | Sports | Games could get fuzzy.


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