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Outlets are NOT exciting August 1, 2010

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I apologise to Camemberu blog, but the last post uninspired me to write about something that have been bothering me: the disappearing of small artisans and the victory of replication.

I am sure the Ramen and the rest of the food is great at this place, but isn’t it sad that all we have to get excited about in Singapore is a new outlet of something’s opening?

Outlets of some brands are sprouting every where in Singapore be it for clothes or food: they are becoming the 7/11 of Singapore. Where can you not find a Giordano or Bread Talk outlet? How many Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss outlets on Orchard Road? How many DinTaiFung?

It it not just outlets, most restaurants in Singapore are owned in partnerships by only a handful of people or companies. I am sure they are all great sponsors of the culinary arts,  though I always wonder how much of my money goes to the decor to impress corporate clients and how much goes to the food.

I am sure this is not only true of Singapore, that this is just more the case as Singapore has a much smaller market size, and as such diversity is a huge risk. Majority of people want to always eat the same thing, and will never venture out of they favourite restaurateurs (Hell, I prefer McDonald to Burger King, Coke to Pepsi and I would walk next door to go to my preferred brand).

But I really fail to see how one can be excited about a new outlet opening; small motivated restaurateurs surviving with good quality food fore more than 6 months would be more outstanding news (“Hey! it is still there, please support the real artists”!)

In fact I am glad when they have not been pushed out by the rising real estate speculation (could it be why I cannot find my favourite Malaysian food stall in Far East Plaza anymore?).

Large brands all over the world have the buying power to push all the small businesses away: Make note: this means Singapore suburbs, not Ion, not MBS, will soon have the best restaurants.

Singapore news I’m quite excited about. Ramen chain Ippudo now has a second outlet here!

This surely is welcome news to fans who have been queueing at the first branch at Mandarin Gallery. Now we have a second location at which to enjoy the noodles.

via CAMEMBERU: Ippudo TAO opens at UE Square.


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