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Car design issues could be solved first August 4, 2010

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Compared to Paris, the cars are not crowded

When I take the MRT in Singapore, I often have to overtake people to go into the car as Singaporeans are just there waiting on the platform for a car where they have have enough space to read their newspaper (!)

There is a design issue in the cars that is only amplified by the kiasuism: people want to be first to exit the train and stay next to the doors and moving farther into the car is prevented by the central holding rail bar in front of the doors as well as the seats directly to the sides of the door

These seats should be removed to allow the crowd to naturally flow towards the centre of the car

All seats should be foldable (which would be the only advantage of side seating)

There were reports about the crowds at Jurong East last year[Link][Link]. But little has been done. In fact things have been getting worse not just at Jurong East Station but, I believe, throughout the public transport system. Many netizens are just fedup with the situation. The denial from the govt and SMRT is causing frustration. Many have taken to filming or taking pictures of the situation as evidence of their unpleasant experience.

via Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Jurong East MRT reaches tipping point…..


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