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How do you solve the shortage of overnight parking lot issue? – Dee Kay Dot As Gee August 4, 2010

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Planning guys! Planning. Either you increase the number of parking lots or you decrease the number of cars on the road. Increasing the parking fee only give you a bigger bonus at the end of the year. It does not help anyone at all. End of the day, those car still need to park somewhere.

LTA and URA have one of the worst records in terms of planning; I do believe however that they have a huge communication budget: there are a lot of slightly uninformed articles about how well Singapore manages traffic in foreign press.

The number of cars per inhabitant has not changed in 15 years (the number of inhabitants has however changed tremendously).

Underground parking is too expensive to build: choose heights as in Japan (use lifts if required).

The traffic flow has not changed: North to South and West to East mostly in the morning: Singapore is overly centralised; this is URA’s doing together with the PAP hubris of having *all* the offices at Raffles Place / Marina. But worse: infrastructure planning is not so great: data lines are put in place when required, which also explains why all the banks want to be in the CBD: it is the only place with fast enough data lines in quantity (this is also explained by the too cheap imported labour: dig, lay cable, fill, dig, lay cable, fill is all too common and all too cheap).

Third: traffic junction need roundabouts to smooth the flow of the traffic (roundabouts reduce speed and reduce the “spring” effect of traffic).

via How do you solve the shortage of overnight parking lot issue? – Dee Kay Dot As Gee.


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