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Windows Phone 7 overly aggressive ad October 12, 2010

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It seems to me that whenever I see a Windows ad  I am never the intended target: either they are overly aggressive (case in point the Windows Phone 7 add: “Look at these idiots”) or I feel a total disconnect with the people who like Windows in those ads (case in point Window Vista home launch parties).

To come come back to Windows Phone 7 ads: it seem to me only directed at BB users. “Windows Phone 7” what a mouthful less call it WP7 even though that make it sound like a floor cleaning chemical. So that means that WP7 is a “fun” platform compared to BB (remember that BB is for serious emailing people)? But Windows technology is always squarely aimed at businesses (and hard-core gamers), how does that fit?

Waiting for the reviews: has microsoft abandonned ActiveSync? it is limited by outlook limited number entries per contact?

TechFlash Mobile: Seattle’s Technology News Source: Windows Phone challenges us to pull our heads out of our phones.


Mirabelle Patisserie: Kopi and Croissants anyone? October 11, 2010

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Mirabelle Patessarie
27 Mackenzie Road
Tel 6238 6235
7.45am to 7.30pm
Closed SundaysAccording to Damien, the Croissants here are as good as the ones in Paris. Would the French pastry enthusiasts care to comment?

via ieatishootipost blogs Singapore’s best food: Mirabelle Patisserie: Kopi and Croissants anyone?.


Mean Wealth: another take October 10, 2010

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Actually the mean wealth is positive: which means that the current value of HDBs actually offset the debts in which Singaporeans are: home, cars, taxes. On the other hand 30k represent a small variation of the real-estate prices, it could easily go up or down.

For the record, Singapore’s median wealth per adult actually stands at just US$30,092. There is a huge difference from the average wealth which suggests that a lot of wealth is concentrated at the top echelons.

If we consider the fact that most Singaporeans would have a sizable amount of their savings in their CPF, the median disposal wealth per adult would be much lower. Actually, even the entire sum of US$30,092 will not be enough to buy a 3-room HDB apartment.

via Average Wealth of Singaporeans.


Optimized Handbrake Presets to Encode Video for Your New iPad or iPhone 4

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Follow the link to find the files

Choosing the Right Preset

If you’re ripping a DVD you’re dealing with standard definition video, so the SD preset is all you’ll need. If you’re converting HD content, however, you have a choice. You can either convert the content to a full 720p or use the iFrame preset, which will create a file that’s approximately 960×540. This is half-1080p resolution and is a size Apple likes to promote for HD content. It’s nearly full resolution on your iPad and is as close as you’ll get to full resolution on your iPhone 4. This is a good option for saving space if you’re planning on watching your videos mainly on the iPad. If you plan on showing them on your television or want a higher-quality file, using the 720p preset may be a better choice.

via Optimized Handbrake Presets to Encode Video for Your New iPad or iPhone 4.


Wealth: Median vs Mean October 9, 2010

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What’s missing in the Straits Times?

median wealth as a % of average wealth for all other developed Asian countries:

Singapore : 11%
Taiwan : 32%
Australia : 38%
Japan : 51%

via Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Wealth or Extreme Inequality?.


asymco | The symmetry of share shifts in mobile phones October 6, 2010

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It will get worse for the Android makers.

While Apple has a distinct brand and unique set of benefits, Android manufacturers have little to set one apart from the other. When the pie stops growing, they’ll have to compete against each other on price. That’s a path going nowhere.

via asymco | The symmetry of share shifts in mobile phones.


dégrader quatre fois les rushs du boîtier Canon pour l’homogénéité October 4, 2010

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Ils choisissent alors de tourner à deux caméras : le JRI avec la caméra habituelle et Lucas Menger avec le Canon 5D.De retour à Paris, en salle de montage, gros problème : la qualité des images provenant du Canon 5D est largement supérieure à celle de la caméra traditionnelle utilisée par le JRI une Panasonic P2. Impossible de monter les deux angles de caméra en l’état, la différence serait trop flagrante. Il ne reste qu’une solution : altérer les images provenant de l’appareil photo. Au final, il leur faudra dégrader quatre fois les rushs du boîtier Canon pour arriver à une relative homogénéité d’images dans le reportage. Un comble.

via Une nouvelle esthétique de l’info télé? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism.