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Mirabelle Patisserie: Kopi and Croissants anyone? October 11, 2010

Filed under: Life In Singapore,Where to eat — ilcourtilcourt @ 07:35

Mirabelle Patessarie
27 Mackenzie Road
Tel 6238 6235
7.45am to 7.30pm
Closed SundaysAccording to Damien, the Croissants here are as good as the ones in Paris. Would the French pastry enthusiasts care to comment?

via ieatishootipost blogs Singapore’s best food: Mirabelle Patisserie: Kopi and Croissants anyone?.


4 Responses to “Mirabelle Patisserie: Kopi and Croissants anyone?”

  1. Agagooga Says:

    Et les baguettes ? Sont-elles bonnes ?

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