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Windows Phone 7 overly aggressive ad October 12, 2010

Filed under: Technology — ilcourtilcourt @ 10:47

It seems to me that whenever I see a Windows ad  I am never the intended target: either they are overly aggressive (case in point the Windows Phone 7 add: “Look at these idiots”) or I feel a total disconnect with the people who like Windows in those ads (case in point Window Vista home launch parties).

To come come back to Windows Phone 7 ads: it seem to me only directed at BB users. “Windows Phone 7” what a mouthful less call it WP7 even though that make it sound like a floor cleaning chemical. So that means that WP7 is a “fun” platform compared to BB (remember that BB is for serious emailing people)? But Windows technology is always squarely aimed at businesses (and hard-core gamers), how does that fit?

Waiting for the reviews: has microsoft abandonned ActiveSync? it is limited by outlook limited number entries per contact?

TechFlash Mobile: Seattle’s Technology News Source: Windows Phone challenges us to pull our heads out of our phones.


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