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Ouch: Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom March 8, 2011

Filed under: Technology — ilcourtilcourt @ 21:37

If you are looking for the best tablet available today, then look no further than Cupertino. If you are an Android enthusiast and you want a good tablet that runs the same software as your phone, you should wait a few months for everything to solidify before you decide which Android tablet you want. Dont jump for the Xoom just because its the first—they rushed it out prematurely hoping to capitalize on exactly that.The main legitimate audience for the Xoom today is third-party application developers. If you are a third-party application developer and you need to get your hands on real-world Honeycomb hardware in order to start working on your commercial Android software projects, then the Xoom is really not that bad a value.

via Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom.


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