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Blame the foreigners! January 29, 2010

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What do you do when the economy is in shambles, when your constituents are threatening to vote for the opposition, when they blame you for increasing the influx of foreigners, and when you do not want want to give them the effective right to vote you out of your million dollar job?

You blame the foreigners too! it always works!

It is still the same problem in Singapore: with no one to vote for, the citizens cannot enjoy what should be their only privilege, so they more and more look at monetary compensation for their lack of citizen rights. They learnt well from their government who has always been pushing “asian values”, including wealth over freedom.

Less health subsidies for PRsBy Claire Huang, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 28 January 2010 1242 hrs    Photos 1 of 1      SINGAPORE: The Government has decided to shave off health subsidies given to Permanent Residents PRs by 10 percentage points. This is in a bid to make a sharper distinction between the privileges a citizen is entitled to, as compared to a PR. Currently, citizens enjoy heavy subsidies in Class B2 and C wards, while PRs receive significant subsidy and foreigners dont get any at all. With the revision, citizens are still entitled to an 80 per cent subsidy for a Class C ward. But PRs will be entitled to 60 per cent of cost, down from 70 per cent. The Ministry of Health said the reduction will be implemented in three stages. This is to make it easier for PRs to adjust to the new policy. From January 1 2011, the subsidy for PRs in Class B2 and C wards in public hospitals as well as specialist outpatient clinics will be cut by five percentage points. And in July 2011, it will be cut another five percentage points. The subsidy for PRs in the intermediate and long-term care sector, like community hospitals and nursing homes, will be cut by five percentage points. The last phase comes in January 2012, where another five percentage-point reduction will apply to community hospitals and nursing homes. This means that by 2010, PRs will receive 20 percentage points less healthcare subsidies than citizens.

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Diary of A Singaporean Mind: HIgh HDB Prices : Curbing the surge…. January 13, 2010

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A good summary of why Public Housing Prices are high in Singapore, what policies made this happen and remedy suggestions (I think both should be applied).

One feasible suggestion I’ve seen on the Internet is to reduce the loan tenure gradually to 15-20 years. Shortening this, helps Singaporeans to be free of their housing debt earlier and enables them to start accumulating savings for retirement. […]. The other approach is to limit the amount of CPF money that can be used…but that has to be seen in a larger context as my main concern with CPF is the low fixed returns relative to inflation so proper management of CPF has to come first.

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